Off-Grid Living for Freelancers

You know that you want to escape to the mountains, hike and enjoy life off-grid. As a freelancer, you have options when it comes to wear you live. You aren’t tied down to any spot, so you just need to find the best locations for off-grid living for freelancers. Depending on what you are looking for, there are a few spots that you can consider.

Look at the Environment

For the best off-grid living for freelancers, you have to find a place where you actually want to be. Some freelancers want to sit on a tropical beach. Other people want to escape to the mountains. The type of freelance work you do can determine your options. If you like the mountains and need an internet connection, Cascade River Park is a good place to go. Placed in the rain forest and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, this community lets you live year-round as long as you have a permitted, approved cabin. According to Skagit County, this means a building that is over 200 square feet and has a septic tank. The entire community is off-grid, but internet is available through T-Mobile. In the town of Marblemount down the road, there is free internet at the community center as well as a co-working space in a cute caboose.

What Type of Job Will You Do?

You also have to consider what kind of work you plan on doing when you move. In the example above, online freelancing is a great, simple option. Many off-grid places are in rural areas, so running your own business is not always an option. In the Cascade River Park, for example, you will only earn a bit of pocket change by selling honey or plants at the local farmer’s market.

Off-grid living for freelancers is certainly possible, but you do need to find a way to bring in money if you do not already have a writing, website design or other online company. One of the more creative options may be to harvest wild plants, herbs and mushrooms. These products can be sold online or at the local farmer’s markets. In the Pacific Northwest, wild foraging has become a huge trend, so there is a ready audience of buyers out there.

(Unsure about how foraging works? Check out our affiliate at the Herbal Academy for classes on foraging, medicinal herbs and more.)

Think About the Community Before You Start Off-Grid Living for Freelancers

Before I moved off-grid, I considered places in eastern Washington, New Mexico and Colorado. Most of these spots were chosen entirely because of the simplicity of the building permits. When I actually researched the location, I realized that they just weren’t right for me. While I might be able to build my dream home on a large plot of land, these areas were a bit too rural. As an online freelancer, I needed to have a sense of community unless I wanted to spend the rest of my life entirely alone. Because of this, I ended up moving to the Cascade River Park. The small town atmosphere and community more than compensated for the inconvenience of getting a building permit or park approval for a new structure. Plus, there are a number of inexpensive, off-grid cabins already available in the area. Instead of constructing a tiny cabin from scratch, I was able to move into one right away.

Off-grid living for freelancers is a rewarding lifestyle. For me, it is like getting early retirement. I live in an area that people dream about retiring to, and I was able to bring my job with me. I have a generator for electricity, T-Mobile for internet, propane for my shower and more hiking trails than I could ever explore. What more could you need?

Are you an off-grid freelancer too? Leave a comment with your location and any tips that you have for making the transition.

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